Claus Porto Soap: One Of The Best Recommended Soaps By Experts Including Oprah

Claus Porto soap One of the world’s most influential people is Oprah Winfrey. When she speaks, the people just listen. In one of the episodes of her defunct show Oprah, she made mention of her favorite stuff. When she likes it, it would only mean of great quality and importance. There were  lots of things she mentioned including sandwiches, brownies, cars, gadgets, personal hygiene products and a whole lot more.

In her favorite things episode in 2007, she mentioned Claus Porto Soap as one of her favorite things. She described it as gorgeous and magnificently scented bathing essentials. More than being a bath essence, she also recommended it as a great alternative for hostess gifts.

This kind of soap is one of those things that you can consider a worthy investment. For people who regard bathing as more than fulfilling a hygiene requirement but as a relaxing activity, they would find these soaps very refreshing. What you should know about this soap is it is hand-made and are a hundred percent made of natural Shea butter and vegetable-based soaps from the country Portugal. To ensure that there is no cracking or breaking of the soap, it is milled seven times. The same process is maintained for over 123 years now.

This kind of soap has a lot of scents to choose from. In fact there are 17 of them namely the Water Lily “Madrigal,” Brise Marine “Cerina,” Iris Lavender “Royal,” Paradise-Rose “Rozan,” Lime-Basil “Deco,” Sandalwood Pear “Parada,” Citron Verbena “Banho,” Red Poppy “Favorito,” Sandalwood “Argus,” Honeysuckle “Ilyia,” Wild Pansy “Condessa,” Almond “Alface,” Mimosa “Lysia,” Tuberose Acacia “Voga,” Morning Glory “Lize,” and Melon “Melodia.” Each have their own distinct scent but all of them are refreshing. They come in attractive packing that would reflect the old-world aesthetic of Portugal.

If you think this is all to Claus Porto Soap, here is more. Besides offering soaps, they also offer liquid soaps, body washes and moisturizers. Like with the soaps, they also come in vibrant packages that would perfectly fit in your bathroom. This would complete your list. With only one quality brand, you’ve got a lot of products to choose from.

With the kind of life Oprah lives, only the best and finest quality in products. Claus Porto jumbo soap being included on her list is no longer a surprise. It only indicates the quality and grandeur the soap is made of. Check out this soap now and experience true quality in soaps.


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